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Artcore Society starts it’s own content creation studio “Ohana”

Artcore Society, an Antwerp-based digital agency has not been idle during the corona crisis. Besides launching the FORLIVE platform, a livestream platform for festivals and B2B events, Artcore is now starting its own content creation/marketing spin-off: Ohana. Founding fathers of Ohana are Maarten Serneels, managing partner of Artcore Society and Nicky Somers, formerly multimedia developer at Artcore Society.

Ohana was born out of the power of friendship and an unprecedented passion for storytelling and creation.
“Starting Ohana was a logical next step for us” says Maarten. “We were already getting a lot of questions from our existing customers around content creation and marketing and we now want to use our expertise in this to not only help our existing customers further but also to be able to serve new customers.”

“Ohana means ‘family’ in Hawaiian. In addition to treating each other as family within our team, we also want to be a little like family to our customers. We try to help our customers the best we can and on a longer term basis.” says Nicky. Ohana focuses on 3 different pillars: storytelling, content creation and digital marketing. Ohana thinks about how to bring the story of the customer, creates the necessary content and makes sure the message reaches the right target group.
“With Ohana we take care of storytelling and in collaboration with Artcore’s expertise in the field of web (strategy, design & development) we relieve the client of the burden of their project from beginning to end.” concludes Nicky.

Although Ohana has only just started, a lot of interesting projects have already been realized, including for Amanprana and Imec. Ohana is currently working on a super secret project for Uitgezonderd, the theater production house of Bob Jennes and James Cooke.

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