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Amanprana, a Belgian producer of healthy and natural products, asked us to help them promote their new hazelnut spread. In a few short videos that were specially made for social media, we showed some delicious recipes with the chocolat goodness and to give the campaign even more power, we engaged a number of well-known food influencers from Belgium and the Netherlands to promote this fantastic product.


Aman.. what? Amanprana!

Amanprana is a Belgian producer of various delicious, healthy and natural products.

At Amanprana they believe in “the whole” and not in individual parts. Their products are processed as little as possible and contain little to no isolates. Amanprana keeps an extreme focus on “organic” and “vegetarian” and where possible also fair trade / fair world.

Beautiful photography and video shorts

The videos and photos were made with the aim of using them on the different Amanprana social media channels. Next to the well-known squares we also shot some special formats to be used for stories and reels.

Check out a recipe

Influencer campaign

In addition to creating recipes, photos and videos, we also engaged a number of influencers to promote Amanprana’s new hazelnut spread. Each influencer was tasked with making a tasty but easy dish with the choco and to share this with their followers.
We also linked a number of giveaways to the campaigns so that the followers of the influencers could also enjoy the delicious Amanprana choco.

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