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Uitgezonderd launches “ED TV” in partnership with Ohana and Artcore Society

Last week, Uitgezonderd launched “ED TV,” the new school television. ED TV is a platform that makes touchy subjects such as drugs, alcohol and bullying discussable among young people in an interactive way.

James Cooke, artistic director at Uitgezonderd, conceived ED TV after struggling with a difficult childhood himself. “I could very well have used a youth platform like this at the time. That I can launch this now is a dream come true.” he says of it. ED TV should become the new school television par excellence. And thus also a tool for teachers to deal with sensitive topics in a way that is easy to handle, but still covers the point. In addition to the platform that includes a forum, video library and chatbot, there is also the ED caravan, which skims schools and (post-Covid) youth festivals. This is also where young people can go with their questions.

To shape ED TV, Uitgezonderd worked with Artcore Society and its little brother Ohana. Artcore has been shaping the digital future of companies and brands for 10 years. With clients such as Katoen Natie, Mediamarkt, Get Driven, Studio 100 and now also Uitgezonderd, they have built up an impressive record of successful collaborations over the years. Ohana is the newest member of the Artcore family that is strong in content creation and marketing.

In the case of ED TV, Artcore Society was responsible for the design and development of the website, the chatbot and the platform. They also developed the complete branding of the youth platform: the colors, the logo, the fonts, you name it! Ohana was the perfect complement for Artcore to really bring ED to life. The people behind Ohana gave ED a face through character design and then made an animated version of it. Ohana also further developed the branding around ED TV by designing personalized merchandise such as stickers and a caravan wrap. These creatives even made an explainer video to explain to the target audience how ED TV works.

The collaboration between Uitgezonderd, Artcore Society and Ohana went very smoothly according to James.
“We found the ideal partners in Artcore and Ohana to work together very flexibly on an extremely short timeframe to bring our new youth platform to life. The whole team at Artcore guided us perfectly in translating our idea into a hip website, while Ohana fully understood the branding I wanted to work out. Always nice when everyone wants to throw themselves into it like that and then you can be proud of the end result.”

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