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Centuries ago, Ohana was the messenger of the Hawaiian Gods. Every year, on the first of august, he went to Tiki Beach at midnight and waited by a magical bonfire for Haumea.

Legend has it that Haumea, Goddess and Mother Nature who created the world and the islands, rose from the bonfire and told Ohana what she had in store for the Island of Hawaii over the next twelve months.

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Who doesn't love a good story? We certainly do! Together we develop an appropriate brand story for your brand. We make your brand stand out in the crowd!

Content creation

Our love for content is endless. Whether it's product photography, 3D animation, character design, video testimonials or illustrations we just love to make cool sh*t!

Online marketing

In addition to creating content, we also believe it is important that the content reaches the right audience. Our marketing specialists are happy to help you with all your marketing questions.

Born through the power of friendship and passion for storytelling, content creation and online marketing.

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