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Ohana is a content creation agency born through the power of friendship and passion for digital marketing, storytelling, photography and video.

At Ohana, we’re not just a bunch of individuals put together. Ohana means family. And we happen to be a family where each and every one of us shares the same passion: creating unforgettable and awesome experiences in a digital and phygital way.

Alongside our own concepts, we create content for some of the most amazing brands.

Ohana does not just mean family.

Our story


Centuries ago, Ohana was the messenger of the Hawaiian Gods. Every year, on the first of august, he went to Tiki Beach at midnight and waited by a magical bonfire for Haumea.

Legend has it that Haumea, Goddess and Mother Nature who created the world and the islands, rose from the bonfire and told Ohana what she had in store for the Island of Hawaii over the next twelve months. Haumea was an expert when it came to storytelling. She knew this because Ohana always sat there looking at her in awe.

To make sure Ohana understood everything Haumea said to him, she empowered her message by drawing impressive images in the pearly white sand of Tiki Beach.

After their annual story-handover, Ohana rushed back to the village to meet his people. he preferred to call them his family because everyone was so close and like-minded. He gathered everyone around the wooden totem statue and made sure Haumea's message reached the right people in the right way.

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